The modular concept of the Boxxo system allows the adaptation and the evolution of the functionalities, not only according to the specific demands of the users, but also according to the transformation of the practices, processes and challenges with regard to ticketing.

The system consists basically in a main software (Boxxo Alliance), to which can be added various other softwares or modules depending on the needs and the complexity of the operations.


The core of the Boxxo system

Capitalize on the most promising sales channel

Manage public access at your venue


Sell and print tickets quickly

Entrust the sales of your tickets to your partners

Follow sales in real-time


Boxxo Alliance is a powerful ticketing software, providing you with everything you need to manage the ticket sales, access control, management and administrative operations of your ticket office. From Boxxo Alliance you will configured all of your events easily.

Software features

Boxxo Alliance allows you to:
  • Customize in details the functions related to seat reservations, payment methods and seat types;
  • Configure service fees in multiple ways;
  • Display room plans on two screens, one for the customer and the other for you;
  • Sell gift certificates, parking spaces or merchandising;
  • Change the layout of the tickets according to the sales method;
  • Create various sales channels, in order to adapt the offer or allocate reserved seats to targeted customers.
Boxxo Alliance also allows to manage:
  • System security through codes, permissions, and passwords based on the profile of the user or users group;
  • Subscriptions and packages, direct mailings, time-limited discounts;
  • Sales and reservations, automating several steps and displaying in real time the evolution of sales;
  • Customer orders, keeping details and transaction history for each customer.

Database and CRM

Boxxo Alliance gives you full control over your data. When you choose our solution, you take control of all the information gathered during ticket sales. This valuable information can be analyzed in depth, thanks to the multiple reports generated by Boxxo Alliance, in order to better target and satisfy your customers.

In addition, Boxxo Alliance has an integrated CRM that is perfectly adapted to your database. You are therefore able to segment your customers precisely according to the data that you consider important and relevant, whether for analysis or for the purpose of communicating directly with your customers.

WebBoxxo allows you to sell your tickets on the Web, from any platform: computer, tablet or smartphone.

With this fully automated software, your customers will inquire about an event and choose the date or time that suits them. In addition, this web counter has the look of your corporate website.

Internet transactions are executed via a secure payment server complying with PCI 3.0 standards. Once the transaction is complete, the client will receive a confirmation e-mail that you have written and the money will go directly into your own bank account.

Services Web

By partnering with external organizations such as La or, Boxxo gives you the opportunity to multiply your online sales points and your visibility through Web services that allow you to share, in real time, information about your events and the availability, with the systems of your partners.

ControlBoxxo is a software and a scanning solution to enhance the access at the entrance of your venue.

This solution makes it possible to efficiently manage, in real time, the public access to the various attractions. The main advantage of ControlBoxxo is that it eliminates congestions at the entrance of an event or site.

This solution allows tighter control to eliminate fraud. This software makes it possible to check the validity of the hard or electronic tickets, thanks to an integrated code, which contains all the required information. The ControlBoxxo software confirms that the ticket is good for the current event. It also allows an employee to refuse invalid tickets or to confirm that the customer is entitled to the rate paid.

ControlBoxxo also lets you know the number of people who have already accessed the site. You are also able to know which customers did not showed up at a show, so you are able to invite them again when possible.

TacBoxxo is an application used by museums, recreation sites, amusement parks and movie theaters or shows, which allows to sell and print tickets quickly, with a single “tac!” on a touch screen or a single “click” mouse. The interface is fully programmable: choose the payment method, register rates and you are ready to welcome spectators.

A perfect solution when space and time are restricted! TacBoxxo also allows you to manage sales of merchandising, makes refunds and prints a cash report.

Agent Boxxo gives the opportunity to create your own private ticket resale network.

This module uses the equipment of your partners to allow them to sell your tickets. So you do not have to spend any extra money.

Hotels, restaurants, shops, travel agencies or tourist offices, schools.. they all can offer your tickets easily and serenely.

Watch Boxxo is a seemingly simple but powerful software tool. It is accessible from any secured browser and allows you to effortlessly track the evolution of your sales, no matter where you are in the world!

Thanks to Watch Boxxo, you have the possibility to give a personalized access to your producers, who can follow in real time the sales of their shows.


The management of premières or special events are often found in the courtyard of the communications department. Surely, you’ve already had the experience of awarding the premiere media seats where, until the last moment, you’re fighting with room plans, envelopes, guest lists and everyone’s preferences. With Boxxo Première, this era is now over.
Thanks to the integrated CRM of Boxxo, manage your special events, from the guest invitations to the thanks after your event:

Customer file with parameters related to rights for Première
Guests lists
Sending and confirming invitations
Seating Assignment
Reminder and thanks


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