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Rely on a team of professionals, seasoned members from the ticketing community. Because of their field experiences, they fully understand your reality.

Technical support

Personalized service, 365 days a year, from 10 am to 10 pm.

Boxxo offers technical support 7 days a week as well as an emergency telephone service to ensure the continuity of your operations. In addition to answering all your questions, our team is also able to provide you with complete or accompanying services for the configuration of your events, packages, products and promotions.


To get the most out of your ticketing software.

Boxxo softwares are powerful tools with advanced features. This is why proper training is essential to enable you to take advantage of all the features you need.

Initial or complementary training, we provide them at our office or in yours, at the time you need them.

On the basis of predefined or customized programs, these courses are offered to multiple participants in your organization: box office, marketing and communications, accounting, etc.

In addition, every new version, Boxxo invites all its customers to free training on the latest features.


We support the implementation of our system, including the configuration of equipment and softwares, as well as the transfer of your database.
The Boxxo team accompanies you throughout the implementation of your project.


Boxxo has developed a Tier III infrastructure to accommodate the databases of its customers in a safe and efficient environment. The operational network availability is guaranteed for 99.982% of the time.

The infrastructure includes electrical redundancy, a cooling system, a waterless fire safety system and a 100% fiber optic internet connection. In the event of breakdown, the redundancy is ensured by a second complete series of equipment (server and router). Finally, a security copy is made every 24 hours.

The connection between the client workstations and the servers is via VPN. On the server side, the VPN is created by a router / firewall, while on the client side there are two choices: establishing the router-to-router VPN connection or software-to-router VPN.

The data center is located on the periphery of Montreal and Boxxo remains one of the few ticketing companies to offer its clients data hosting in Quebec.

Ticketing Logistics and one-time events

Even if you do not have ticketing software, Boxxo provides ticket printing services, a call center and the necessary equipment to sell your tickets on the Internet or at the door, and to manage venue access.

Continuous research and development

Our research and development team is ready to help you with your personalized development needs.

In addition, our softwares are designed as an open system and can connect to various external applications and suppliers. We are always looking for new complementary partners to offer you the best solutions.




Integrated WEB Payment Gateway
WebBoxxo has a gateway to a payment server for transactions via the Internet. The connection is obviously completely secured (htpps) but in addition, the transaction is redirected to a payment server independent of your database, thus meeting the high standards of the PCI standard.

Payments are made directly to the bank account of your organization. You are also able to negotiate yourself the best rates for credit card transactions.

Semi-integrated Payment Terminal
Boxxo also offers its customers the possibility of equipping their points of sale with semi-integrated electronic payment terminals.

This solution for the processing of credit card transactions allows to link Boxxo directly to the payment terminal. It thus facilitates the management of cash registers. No more errors of seizure, especially during the rush hours at the ticket office!

This semi-integrated, fully PCI-compliant tool gives you all the benefits of an integrated solution without the high costs, delays and efforts typically associated with integrated POS.

In addition, one of our reports, specific to the semi-integrated payment terminal, allows the transfer of the data directly to your accounting system.


The integrated ticket printing and customization features that Boxxo’s software offers can be used on a wide array of paper. You can order all your tickets from Boxxo. We sell tickets that are compatible with all types of printers: laser, ink jet or thermal. Of course, the paper we offer is compatible with the ticket printers we sell.
We use the highest quality paper and offer a large selection of colours to choose from. Most of our tickets contain features to help prevent fraud or counterfeit ticket production. You can either use your own ticket backgrounds to match your company’s colours or choose from our ticket backgrounds.

Wallet size – What if your tickets were a unique shape?
In North America, tickets are almost always the same rectangular shape that we are all familiar with. Now, a fresh new design is emerging in the world of ticketing. We propose tickets of an unusual shape.

Classic size – What if your ticket backs look nice?


Manage public access to your venue, live !

A Datamatrix code is used to quickly locate the order associated with a ticket.
This is why Boxxo software incorporates a function that allows to print these codes on the tickets.
To ensure that you get the maximum efficiency from this function, we have selected for you the optical readers adapted to the requirements of a ticket office.

Optical Readers

The Nautiz X2 is an all-in-one device: computer, optical reader and camera, it’s also a phone compatible with the powerful 4G / LTE network. Its greatest qualities are fast communication, ease of use, robustness, ergonomics, and is very affordable cost considering its great performance.

Nautiz X2 instantly reads 1D and 2D codes
On Wi-Fi, it offers a response time of the order of milliseconds, ensuring a smooth flow at the access doors
Read the results on a 4.7-inch screen that offers very good colors and very wide viewing angles, thanks to the IPS panel with 1280×720 resolution.


Because you are looking for a complete solution, Boxxo offers thermal ticket printers from two carefully chosen companies.
Practical Automation and Star Micronics printers work seamlessly with Boxxo’s software, so you can print quality, customized tickets.

Fast, Inexpensive Printing

The printers we sell use no ink and are completely graphic. They are also very fast, printing one ticket per second and with zero delay before printing starts.
The Practical Automation printers Boxxo sells can print cardstock tickets with set or variable lengths and exceptional contrast and quality.
The Star Micronics printers we sell use paper rolls to quickly produce flexible paper tickets.
Contact us to learn more.


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