The Team


Ardian 2014Ardian Xharra

Executive Director
Research and Development Director 

Upon completing his studies in Europe, Ardian came to Quebec to pursue yet another degree. His final internship was with Boxxo – he has never left. With user satisfaction as his compass, Ardian has always acted as if the company belonged to him. Well, now it does. Shareholder of Boxxo, he also act as the Vice-president of the Board of Directors.

This sharp and talented person is someone you’d want to go to with all your problems because he always manages to find a simple, effective solution.


Stéphanie 2014Stéphanie Roy

Operations Manager 

Stéphanie is an all-around champion of running a business. She knows how to implement the necessary means to meet company objectives, never losing sight of her vision of business.

Stéphanie counts some 15 years of experience in administration. She is knowledgeable about the ticketing industry and theatrical presentation and is passionate about IT and networking. She is also quite knowledgeable about Boxxo products, as she supervised the implementation of Boxxo Alliance for two large theatres.

Stéphanie is also Treasurer in the Board of Directors of Boxxo.


Olivier Loiselle 2014Olivier Loiselle

Customer Service Director 

The ticketing industry is a fascinating universe that is, at times, quite complex.  With just a single ticket purchase, ticketing software has to provide a lot of information that will be useful throughout your organization. Whether you need simple advice or full training, Olivier will be right by your side.

With more than ten years of management experience, five of which he spent as a theatre manager for the Théâtre du Rideau Vert, Olivier has a solid experience with real theatre life, the day-to-day realities of ticketing and the customer service.


Olivier-Frantz Leong Po

Programmer Analyst – R&D 

Some people, such as Olivier, think that writing computer programs is an art. This modern-day Cyrano de Bergerac puts his heart and soul into transcribing your thoughts into love letters addressed to your computer.

The pen being mightier than the sword, he became a master of writing computer programs and continues to cultivate his style as an engineering student.


Jean de Claude 2014Jean de claude  Moudhouma

Programmer Analyst – R&D 

Your satisfaction is Boxxo’s number one priority, and Jean de Claude is here to solve any problems that might arise. He also helps add the software features that you rely on.

He calls himself a man of few words, but we know him as a man of great knowledge (he studied at Université de Montréal and at HEC Montréal).

He is always smiling and ready to take on new challenges.


Shervin Salemi

Shervin Salemi

System and Network Administrator

Boxxo is proud of its software. But they work so well, they must be installed and configured with care. It’s Shervin who handles it and she loves it, and everyone at Boxxo is happy that someone loves it.

Holding a degree in Computer Engineering from Azad University in Tehran, Shervin is managing networks since more than 15 years. Her impressive career has led her to design, revise, install and manage networks for large financial institutions. In particular, she supported during 8 years an important network serving more than 600 employees.

Curious and eager for Quebec culture, she was quickly immersed in the world of Boxxo … while braving the rigors of his first winter in Quebec.


Olivier Beauséjour 2014Olivier Beauséjour

Customer Service and Quality Assurance Officer 

When he first started at Boxxo, Olivier was a customer service agent. He quickly took on special projects and demonstrated great strength and intuition in anticipating and pinpointing potential issues. He has since joined our team in charge of making sure that Boxxo’s software continues to meet high quality standards.

With ten years’ experience working in a number of different box offices, Olivier has special insight on the various problems Boxxo’s clients face and knows how to solve them. He is a great listener who will efficiently find the right solutions for you.

Martin Giroux

Martin Giroux

Web Specialist and Trainer

Like the vast majority of Boxxo employees, Martin has several skills acquired by working in multiple cultural organizations from both sides of the Atlantic.

He already knew very well Boxxo since he used this system when he was responsible of the box office at Usine C. Martin is decidedly interested by the exploitation of the web environment, exercising more and more its expertise in computer graphics, web design and digital promotion.

Hélène Senelet

Hélène Senelet

Administrative Agent

No wonder that Helen has joined Boxxo’s team upon her arrival in Montreal, as our model suits her absolutely. Indeed, she is holding a French Masters in theater and performing arts in which she studied, among other things, the democratization of the culture.

Her career is firmly on the theatrical path that she is travelling since over 15 years. From her beginning, she developed her expertise in the relations with the cultural publics and in communications. Director of Communications at the Scène Nationale de Besançon from 2009, she manages the box office, among others, and supervised large teams until 2014.


BlaiseGagnon-v01Blaise Gagnon

Representative for Eastern Quebec

Blaise Gagnon liked Boxxo’s ticketing solutions so much that he agreed to come work with us as a Representative for Eastern Quebec. In addition to his experience as a teacher, Blaise has also worked for Radio-Canada and Télé-Québec and was the director of performance broadcasting for many years with organizations such as the Corporation de la Salle de spectacle de Sept-Îles and international puppetry arts festival Maniganses. He was also president of ROSEQ, the Réseau des Organisateurs de Spectacles de l’Est-du-Québec.

Boxxo is your box office’s best friend!


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