About us


Boxxo offers a range of softwares, modules and ticketing solutions that facilitate the management, promotion and sales of tickets for all kinds of events.

Our business model is based on the specific needs of our customers and our softwares are designed to adapt to the reality of each establishment. Simple and powerful, Boxxo solutions have been created to be practical and comprehensive management tools for the day-to-day ticketing operations, as well as marketing, communications, accounting and administration purposes.

Supported by modern technologies, the modular concept of our system allows the adaptation and the evolution of the functionalities, not only according to the specific requests of the users, but also according to the transformation of the practices, processes and stakes in ticketing.

For 15 years, our clients, including a number of major cultural institutions in Quebec, have enabled us to continually improve our system. Thanks to them and to our innovative, concrete and proven solutions, Boxxo is today a leader in the field of ticketing.


At Boxxo, we believe that the development of organizations promoting artistic, cultural, tourism or leisure activities requires profitability and the acquisition of full control over the levers in terms of decisions and ticketing management.

Ticketing as a source of income!

Thanks to the original model designed by Boxxo, you get all the revenue from your service charges, whatever the sales channel! You also receive the sum of your daily transactions directly into the bank account of your organization and you are free to choose the banking institution that will offer you the best rate on credit card charges.

In short, you have the ability to make your ticket sales profitable and to support the development of your company.

Ticketing as a support for development!

In addition to all the features expected from a complete ticketing system, Boxxo gives you the freedom to fully control your sales processes and day-to-day operations in order to develop and retain your customers.

You can offer all the products and promotions you want, as you want and when you want, by offering a positive, simple and enjoyable shopping experience to all your customers. In addition, you have the necessary integrated tools to carry out important communication and marketing activities in an autonomous, efficient and fast way. And finally! You become the exclusive owner of your database!

In summary, you have the power to increase the attendance at your events.


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